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MazesWorld the privacy policy

Game user privacy agreement

The game solemnly promises to protect the privacy of users of its interactive products and services. The following statement is intended to disclose the privacy policies relating to the game website:

How can a game user access, update, or delete his/her information

Who should a user of a game contact if they have questions about the game's privacy policy

This game is a mobile game release information website. It provides users with a wide range of services, including product information, news and so on. Since the success of the game depends on the establishment and maintenance of users' good reputation, as well as the respect for users' legitimate rights and interests, we will resolutely implement measures to protect users' privacy. During the registration process, each service requires users to provide different types and amounts of personal information. This game tries to provide a better service for users by using these materials legally. This privacy policy applies to your interaction with the game page and your registration and use of the game online services. Except for this privacy policy and terms of service and other published guidelines, we do not disclose information relating to the personal identity of our users. Please note that the game will update and improve its privacy measures from time to time, so the relevant measures will change accordingly. Please visit this page regularly to ensure that you are always aware of the latest version of the game's privacy policy.

This game collects two kinds of user information:

(1) information unrelated to identity:

When users visit our web pages, we collect and summarize information, such as which web pages were visited, in what order, and with what links. Collecting this information includes recording each user's IP address, operating platform, browser software, and so on. Although this information cannot be personally identified, we can use its IP address to determine which ISP it is using and where it is accessing the Internet.

(2) personally identifiable information:

In certain areas of the game's web page, such as customer service, users will be asked to provide personal information.

The game collects this personally identifiable information to make it easier and more satisfying for users to use the game's web pages. The goal of this game is to provide an exciting, fun and educational experience for all Internet users. This personal information helps us do that.

If you find that the game user improperly collects or USES information about you or others, please contact

Information disclosure

The game will disclose your personally identifiable information if:

You authorize or agree to the disclosure of the game;

In case of emergency, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the game and its users or public safety and interests;

Provide your personal information as required by law or as required by the competent authority;

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the terms of service and the declaration of the game, or as the game deems necessary.

Information and use of minors

This game suggests that minors participate in online activities should obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians (hereinafter referred to as guardians) in advance. The game will protect the information of minors in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.

Information provided

Users of the game can always choose whether or not to disclose their information. Some information is required to sign up for our service, but most of the other information is provided at the user's discretion.

The game provides numerous online interactive activities for users. In order to facilitate users to participate in the interactive activities and win interactive prizes, the game usually requires applicants to fill out a form in addition to their own interests in the contact information (address, telephone number). Games use this information to accumulate user data. If the user does not want to provide the requested information and participate in such activities, it is entirely up to the user. @